You Can Do Anything

There is no difference between failure and progress. You can fail at small goals but can continue working towards the bigger goal. Failure is not finite. It’s something we create in our minds to not continue going. We choose failure, it doesn’t choose us.

We have to get out of the mindset that it’s better to try and fail that to keep going until you finish. We live in a culture of quitters. Where you are rewarded to for trying but not for finishing. You do a diet for a week and quit. You’ll be applauded for starting but not held accountable for quitting. What makes starting a diet an achievement is keeping on until you accomplish your weight goals. Not doing it for a week, seeing it’s hard and quitting and saying, at least I tried. You did not try you chose failure over commitment. This how we do everything in live.

We start but never finish. There are things that we have to finish. What if we got in shower, lathered up than decided it’s to much work to rinse off and dry off. Every step of everything we do is important, especially the end. We focus too much on the beginning. It’s easy to start. We never think about or plan on what it will take to finish. Everything has to have an end. You either see it through until it’s done or you do it until you realize there is no further to go. It’s like fixing a car. You take it apart. To finish you have to replace the part and put it back together. Then there are times that once you take it apart one problem leads to another and another than you realize that it’s cheaper to scrap it and get another car than it is to try to fix every problem. The issue is that many of us quit before we turn the first screw. We already convinced ourselves that we can’t do it.

What if we did everything with the conviction that we are going to finish it no matter what? The conviction that we are going succeed no matter what. Believing that nothing is impossible and that you can do anything. This belief would change everything you do. It would make your life undeniably better. The thing is that’s all it would take for your life to be better. For you to believe that it will be be. For you to decide that you will never take no for answer again. For you to decide to do the things that need to be done for you to achieve that better life. You aren’t a failure because you can’t do everything. You are a failure because you don’t believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can learn anything. You can talk your way into any situation.

Most successful people aren’t great at everything. They are great at one thing. They take advantage of that one skill and once their foot is in the door they learn the rest or put people on their teams that know what they don’t. They also never let anyone tell them they couldn’t especially themselves. You can and you will, as soon as you realize that you don’t need permission from anyone to be great. You just need determination and the strength to make it through anything that comes your way.


Do you need to control everything? Do you feel like you can control everything? What is control? Can you control how much time to you have left? Can you control what the people around you are going to do? Can you control who loves you and is loyal to you? No. The only thing we can control is what we are doing right now.

No matter what you wish for your children, only they can decide what they will actually do. No matter how you want people to treat you. Only they can decide how they will treat you. How they treat you, has nothing to do with you. It reflects how they feel about themselves. If they treat you poorly is because they are threatened by you and have low self esteem. You can’t control any of that.

You can say, I will have a good day. Does that mean nothing bad will happen? No. You can’t control that. However, you can control how you react to certain situations. How you let those situations affect you and your mood. Do you love your job? Probably not. You do love to pay bills and buy things you want? You can’t control what will happen at your job. Nobody has to like you or even respect you. They pay you to do what it is you do and your gonna do it whether you like or not. You have to focus on what you can control. Be there on time. Always do your best. Figure out what they don’t like, and don’t do that, ever. Work is repetitious. When you see something getting ready to happen (again), fix it. Don’t wait until it’s broken or they make you. You control how you are perceived. You need to be the person that never has any issues or problems. The people that are always late, always making the same mistakes, are the ones that get scrutinized and watched closely.

You know that job you don’t like to do? That car that always breaks down you drive? That crappy apartment you live in? You can change all of that. You can decide that you are ready to do what it takes to improve your quality of life. First thing you’re going to say is, I can’t afford a new car or a nicer place. Excuses. Why do we always come up with excuses. If you want something you have to learn to work towards it. You control what direction you want your to go. Imagine if instead of coming up with excuses you trained yourself to come up with solutions. Your life would be completely different.

Control is deciding that enough is enough. Control is doing something that you love. Control is loving who you are. Control is creating opportunities for improvement. Control is learning the skills that will improve your life. Control is never giving up until you are done. Control is ignoring the haters. Control is putting yourself first. Control is ignoring the little voice in your head that says, you can’t do it. The voice that says, I’m tired. Control is striving for excellence and not settling for less. You can determine whether you have a good life or a great life. You deserve everything you work hard for. Now forget about what you can’t control and focus on you and what you need to do to get what want.

Staying on Schedule

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This statement was something that has eluded me for years. I always had an idea how things were supposed to go and I just did them. No matter how it came out. Luckily I always had people around me to help me. So most of the time even an epic fail was salvageable. People tend to use this mantra for big events. A party, a wedding, a presentation at work. Why not in our everyday lives?

Everyday when you get up, do you know exactly what your going to do that day? We all know that we have to follow the same routine and go to work or what ever it is you do everyday. Do you always have time to get everything done? What if you forget something important? I bet that happens more than you like to admit. What if I told you that there was a simple way to get more done and not forget important things. Write it down.

Yes. If you want remember to do important and not so important things, write it down. If you want that better job. That fancy car and house. That better life. To live a healthier lifestyle. To learn a new skill. Write it down. Then figure out what small tasks you need to accomplish first to reach the bigger goal. I used to think that was crazy talk. Then I started doing it. I wrote down all the simple monotonous things that I had to do everyday plus other things I wanted to make time for. Things like drinking water and exercise and writing. That’s when I realized I was wasting a lot of time. I found 5 hours in my day I didn’t know I had. 5 hours spent sleeping or watching TV. Since then I’ve started this page and working consistently and effectively towards my goal.

I started out simple. With a notebook and a pencil. As time went on I moved to my phone. I created to do lists for my day. Everything and I mean everything has a time slot. The more you do it, the more you become accustomed to it and rely on those cues. You can only remember a few things at a time. Even drinking water. I set reminders to remember to drink water. Before, I would go days and weeks without drinking water regularly. Now I drink 3 to 5 bottles a day. Anything you want to make a new habit should be on that list. Studies show that 30 days of any small habit can help it become permanent. Repetition is key. Do the same task, no matter how small, everyday at the same time and will eventually become a habit.

I’ve created new habits since starting. Now I’m embarking on bigger goals I want to conquer. I’ve also enhanced my scheduling and planning. I started using a tool that I’ve always had. That tool is the calendar in my phone. Specifically my Google calendar. Inmy research, I’ve learned that many content creators swear by it. There are several YouTube videos on how to use it. These are young professionals who basically work from home. They have learned to block their time in order to work more efferently. It also allows them to get more done in the day and differentiate work time from leisure time. I was skeptical at first. Now it’s my main form of planning and scheduling. right now I planning my vacation. I’m planning small trips and other fun stuff. I’m spending time with friends . I’m doing some learning too. I still have 8 days to plan.

Setting up your google calendar is repetitive at first but once you do a week, the following week will be a breeze. With my google account I can access my calendar on my desktop, laptop and phone. So I always have my schedule at hand. I get constant reminders to stay in order to stay on track. Which I thought would be annoying, but has become a part of my day. Being on track and on time, makes the day go by faster. I suggest you tinker with your calendar app and see how you can use it for your benefit.

Planning and scheduling is the best kept secret I never imagined would positively influence my productivity. I can do anything. I can make time for anything. My life does not revolve around my day job. That’s something I have to do. My life is dictated by the things I want to do. This keeps me focused on the truly important things and takes the power away from feeling trapped by my day job. I look forward to being off so I can work on my goals and get closer to my dream.

The Great Mask and Vax Debate

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. The federal message is vague at best. When Biden said that masks didn’t have to be worn inside if fully vaccinated, he was referring to federal buildings. Most businesses are continuing to requires masks inside , vaccinated or not. Which I feel is the best stance. Plus, how can we truly verify if someone is fully vaccinated. There have already been cases of fully vaccinated people being infected.

I live in a area of the country refereed to as the DMV, which stands for District of Columbia (DC) Maryland and Virginia. Formerly known as the Metropolitan DC area. This designation does not encompass all of Maryland. It is reserved for towns and counties that just outside of Washington DC such as Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Baltimore which is located an hour north of Washington DC does not count as part of the DMV. The same goes for Virginia. Only the area known as Northern Virginia which contains cities that border Washington DC like Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria among others are truly part of the DMV. Richmond which is 2 hours south of Washington DC is not part of the DMV. The reason I’m bringing this up is because the DMV will reopen this week. The issue is every county or jurisdiction within the DMV differs in their level of reopening and mask restrictions.

As of 5pm today in Prince George’s County Maryland local governments announce that restaurants will be permitted to reopen to 100% capacity, but the mask mandate continues. In DC businesses will be permitted to decide if they want require masks. In Northern Virginia, restaurants are fully reopening with no masks required. This makes it confusing because most of these localities are within a 30 mile radius. Early on, all of the 3 major judications coincided on mask mandates and capacity restrictions so it was easy to expect everyone to follow the rules. Now, a 20 minute drive can drastically differ your experience.

There is a large number of people who will continue to wear their mask. Regardless of vaccination status. I’m a firm believer that masks played a huge part in curbing the spread of the virus especially at the height of infection. I worked in a grocery store for the entire pandemic. There were infections within the store. Through out several departments. In my team of 7, 4 were infected. None of them infected at the same time. They were all infected through their home. If we didn’t wear masks and face shields, I think there would have been more infections or even a outbreak like many other facilities suffered from throughout the county.

The jury is still out on vaccinations. I know people who got it others who are waiting to see if there are major complications. Some who refuse to get vaccinated. I don’t know what to believe. I got it because of my job. Not because they mandated it us, but because they made it very easy to sign up through the local health department. Plus I wanted to be able to travel internationally without too many obstacles. The crazy part is people are forging their vaccination cards. What the hell for? If you don’t want to take it that’s fine, but you want people to believe you got it. I don’t think it will matter in the long run. There have already been cases of infections after full vaccination. If we start being careless it will not matter. I don’t believe in herd immunity. I guess I really don’t understand it. I do feel that the worst is over. Now we have to adjust to the new normal and respect everyone’s right to mask or not to mask or vax or not to vax.

Parenting Makes Me Sad

Parenting is the single most difficult thing you will ever do. I always thought is would be simple. My parents made it look easy. Clean you up when your dirty. Feed you when your hungry. Spank you when your being bad. Hug you when your feeling sad. Girl was I wrong. There are so many stages and levels to parenting. Now I get why people always say, I wish there was a manual.

The first 15 years was a breeze, at least in my case. She was a healthy bouncing baby girl. She liked dolls and dressing up. Smart, caring and friendly. Considering her mother and I were raised signifcantly different, I felt like we nailed it with this one. Then she turned 15. She had her first school fight a couple of months berfor the pandemic closed schools. The first week of quarentine I was informed that she had a boyfriend. All normal stuff to me. When I was her age I was a way worse. I was in the streets doing anything and everything. Even though I had great parents I chose to do my own thing.

It’s been a year since she started distance learning. Her grades are the worst they’ve ever been. Which I don’t understand since she doesnt even have to leave the house to go to class. She doesn’t seem to have any ambition or goals. She doesn’t even consider finishing high school an achievement. I may have been a knucklehead but I new that getting a diploma was important and did the bare minimum to graduate. She doesn’t even want to do that.

She thinks that adulthood happens over night. That she will get a good paying job and nice house based on I don’t know what. I’ve been struggling with ways to motivate her and help her see that her future is in her hands. I feel like how her life ends up ultimately reflects me and the kind of parent I was. I’ve been pushing her to do better and improve her grades. I created a schedule for her and even gave a chance to explore her interests in adition to focusing on school and take her learners permit test. She still has to be nudged and reminded of how important it is for her to stay on track. I had a moment that I lost it and spoke to her harshly and I immediately regrettted it. When I got home I apologized and told she should never allow anyone to speak to her that way, including and especially me.

Like I said this parenting things is so complicated. You never know when you’re doing too much or not enough. Maybe because she’s a girl. I think if we had a boy, I wouldn’t be so worried. I also hate to amit that I probably wouldn’t be so hard on him. It’s frustrating because all I want is the best for her. She probably thinks I’m trying to control her. Actually, I’m trying to empower her to strive for the best and not have to depend on anyone. As a parent and as a man, I’m not perfect, how I can I expect her to be perfect?

It makes me sad, because we were always close. She trusted and believed everything I said. Now we hardly talk. I got tired of yelling at her. I also got tired of her sitting there like I was speaking another language. In my heart I believe that she will have a moment of clarity and will come to her senses. I just fear that it will be too late for me to help her. She has no idea what life will be like without mom and dad there to take care of everything.

The Thrill of The Write

How do you know you’re doing the right thing? Everything seems like a gamble. Do people really like my writing or is it just a handful of propel blowing smoke up my ass. I can’t help but wonder if this will pay off in any other way than just making a fool of myself and being laughed out the writing community. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I know I have a story I want to tell. Does that mean I can actually write a book?

I see people online that are half my age and are on their fifth book. Were they succeful or was just the thrill of the write for them. I can’t tell how to gauge success in the writing world. I’m sure this book will not make me a millionaire. The goal for me is to write a decent book and tell my father’s story. Will I be inspired to write more books? I hope so. I wonder why authors write? Did J.K. Rowling ever imagine Harry Potter would make her rich and famous? I doubt it. Was she writing because it was fun for her? I love to write, but I’m not sure if I can make a living from it.

I guess it’s true that self doubt is a part of everything you want to accomplish. I’ve started now I have to finish. If you are reading this post, I’ve already launched my writer’s page. Now I have to start writing the book I’ve told the world I will write. What do other writers do to motivate themselves? Do they want to write all the time? Do they really know what they’re doing or how long it’s gonna take? I guess I have an advantage because I already know the story I want to write. I’m not trying create a narrative as a I go. I just have to figure how to structure the story to make it interesting and appealing to the readers.

In recent day I realized that I need to write and memorize a statement about what my book is about. I know what it’s about but I sound unsure when I have to explain it to others. I need to be able give and intelligible and concise synopsis of the story without giving away too much. I feel like telling everyone I come across that I’m writing a book so they can take me serious. That means I need to take myself serious. I’m only as important I make myself. I need figure out a way to make everyone excited about my book as I am. Forget expectations. I posted my site and got very little views. I started being more active on Twitter and got 10 new followers in 5 days, all from the writing community.

I need to continue doing what I’m doing. I need to stay committed until things start to happen. I can’t let self doubt sabotage my dreams again. I say again because I’ve been at this fork in the road before. It’s part of the human condition. This needs to be the beginning of my success story. Today is the day I say, I will not let self doubt stop me from being successful. Help me or get out of my way. If your not supporting you are a hindrance and you don’t believe in me. I need you to follow me. Like my posts. Share and Retweet my posts. Read my posts I need you donate when I’m ready to publish and read the damn book when I’m done. You’re either with me or against me. If I’m going to do my part I need you to do your part as a supporter. Let’s do this thing.

What’s Your Book About?

I feel like an anomaly in the self published author world. I’m lost a world SCI Fi, Fantasy and YA (Young Adult) book writers. Most of which are White women between the ages of 25 and 35. I’m a 41 year old Latino Meat Cutter writing a memoir about my father’s life. I don’t fit any box. I’m also having trouble finding other aspiring authors in my demographic. That is why I’m determined to see this project through. First because it is important for his story to be told. Secondly, I want to inspire other people like myself to write and tell their unique stories.

This book is 10 years in the making and I have yet to write a single sentence. Sort of. In my previous blog, GHETTOBLASTER, I wrote a condensed version of my father’s story. The story came about from recalling all the stories he used to tell about his life in Nicaragua before immigrating to the United States in 1980. I was fascinated by his stories. Everything from growing up in rural Nicaragua in the 1940’s before electricity and television had reached his neck of the woods. In his 20’s he worked as Tariff Officer. Which basically meant he busted people selling contraband cigarettes’ and alcohol. Then he was the head of security for a high ranking Government banker who happened to be best friends with the President of Nicaragua at the time. I also chronical his journey north to better life in the United States.

It sounds cliché, but it is in fact an Immigrant’s Story meets Forrest Gump. Throughout his life he experienced a lot of firsts. He met with many famous and some infamous people in Nicaraguan History and high society. He predicted and witnessed communism’s infiltration and overtaking of the government and the nation. Which led to the his life changing decision to immigrate to the United States and start a whole new life. With this book I hope to shine a positive light on immigration and immigrants. That we’re not all “rapists and drug dealers”. Most immigrants are hard working people with families only looking for better opportunities than what is afforded to them in their home countries. Many trying to escape poverty but also war, gang violence and even genocide. My father’s is just one of millions of stories that need to be told.

The Great Resignation

I watched and interesting story on the news this morning. It was about what experts are calling “The Great Resignation”. Basically what they concluded in recent studies is that the country is about go through mass job resignations from across all industries. It related to Covid-19 and the reopening of the country.

As you all know in April of 2020 everything basically shut down. We started wearing masks and washing our hands and never looked back. The only businesses that were allowed to continue operating were grocery stories, big box retail stores, banks, and a few other select businesses like liquor stores depending on which state you lived in. Restaurants we forced to closed their indoor dining areas. The travel and hospitality sector suffered. Everything related to entertainment and leisure became non existent. No movies, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, gyms, and other indoor activities. Many offices sent home their non essential employees. Schools closed, forcing many districts to rely on remote learning to educate their students. Everyone had to learn how to use zoom. Some of us were deemed essential and never stopped working. Some were able to continue working from home. Then there were too many that were laid off because they worked for small businesses that couldn’t afford to stay open.

Some business were able to adjust their business models and continue operating. Many food service businesses focused delivery or curbside pickup only. The same with many small retailers. The government took some small steps to alleviate the economic weight that unemployment was having on some people. They raised the unemployment minimum payment. They declared a moratorium on evictions. They issued several economic stimulus payments on a national and state level. This helped to alleviate the pressure but just slightly. The payment were far and few in between. They ended the unemployment bonus at the end of the year along with the moratorium on evictions. Which meant many people still had to pay their back rent for the months they missed.

In 2021 we started to see a shift to reopening the country. States started gradually reopening. Some opened completely. Some will start to lift all restrictions in the coming weeks. The goal, with the advent of mass vaccinations is to fully reopen by July. This notion is creating anxiety for many people. Some because they are not ready to be around people. They may have had the virus or lost family and friends to the disease. Others have become accustomed to their new life at home and minimal outside interaction. The experts are saying that for these and many other reasons, people are considering resigning their jobs. Many say that if they can’t continue telecommuting they will have no choice than to resign. They say there will be mass resignations across the board. I don’t really understand how resigning from your job is going to help anyone. I didn’t get the luxury to work from home so life never changed for me. Then the people that were laid off would argue that they would’ve loved to have the opportunity to work and feed their families and pay their rent during the crisis.

Do they think the companies will call their bluff or this move will have their hands tied. I think if they do decide to resign in the hundreds of thousands, some industries will suffer. In turn it will be even more detrimental to the economic state of the nation. I think that it has been proven that many industries can survive and even thrive while keeping their employees safe. Going back to the way things used to be is counterproductive. The key is to create new ways of doing old business. The restaurant and bar industry has the biggest opportunity to reinvent itself in order to create new and innovative systems to better serve their customers, keep their employees safe and be able to continue operating if we have another crisis in the future that causes them to suspend sit down dining again. I’m kind of disappointed. I would have wanted to see more innovation at this point in the game. If you were closed for 6 months, why were you not plotting and brainstorming new and better ways to serve your clients when you were able to reopen. If everyone comes back with the same old way of doing things, they will not survive no matter how open the country is.

Many companies went to all online or appointment only services like the DMV. I think that these are the types of changes that should be permanent. You can take care of many things online or through mail that you had to wait in lines for hours to do before. You can make an appoint for other services that can’t be done online which means that you don’t have to wait in line all day like before. It also means that you have their full attention while you are there. They aren’t trying to rush you through the line. I think that any company that switched to zoom meetings and consultations should stay that way. Teleconferencing keeps the client and employee safe and brings the professional to you. It also allows the employee to do their job better by reducing the stress of commuting, and being in the office all day.

We will have to wait and see if the The Great Resignation actually takes place. I believe that we have been through so much that adding to the stress will not fix anything. It’s time companies revaluate the worth of their staff and make the best permanent adjustments for the business and the staff. How can we move into the future is we see the workplace as if it were the 70’s or or even if were still March 2019. The world has drastically changed. We need to change with it or risk extinction. Creating a global financial collapse is not the key to rebuilding. Creating new opportunities and innovative ways of seeing business is. So for now keep wearing your mask and limiting your interaction with strangers. Also, please speak up if you do not feel safe returning to the office. Your say is just as important as anyone else’s.

Anti-social Media

Trying to build a brand is harder than I expected. Granted it’s only been a week. Building a significant social media following is a big challenge for me. Having to gear all my platforms in one direction. I have to make them similar but unique. I’ve only utilized social media in the past to communicate with a hand full of people, mostly long distance family members. The rest of the time it’s just mindless double tapping and reposting of memes and pretty pictures.

My greatest social media success has been with my personal Instagram page. I’ve been able to maintain a little over a thousand followers for over 5 years. Which is nothing considering Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari has 1.8 million followers and she’s 2 years old. I started out posting random pictures. Later, I focused on my vinyl record collection for a long time. The majority of my followers also collect vinyl. I slip in reposts, selfies, memes and bikini models every once in a while. It was never a business for me. Just for fun. Now that I need to build a buzz around my writing and subsequent book launch, it’s not so fun anymore.

It’s interesting to me that in some cases the people that have the most followers also have the most haters. Half their followers are there just to hate. All they do is make negative and derogatory comments. They also like to start comment wars with other followers. There have been times that no matter how many nice comments I put under these pseudo celebrities posts, they won’t take notice or respond until I make a negative comment. When I first joined Twitter, one the first people I followed was musician and producer Dam Funk. He made a negative post about new albums that were released that week. He didn’t specify an artist or album. I knew that Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN was released that week. So I assumed he was hating on Kendrick. I innocently made the observation in the comments. Not thinking anything of it. Not even 5 minutes later, I receive a direct message from Dam Funk’s account. He was upset. He messaged me, Why would U even consider tweeting such a thing? Wow. Kendrick is Dope. I apologized. He accepted. Then I got off never went back.

Now I have t find a way to get a segment of the population to like me, follow me, read my blog and then go out and buy my book. I have no idea how to do that. I refuse to cheat and use a follower building app. I want to do it authentically. With good content and a genuine following. I switched all my social media to be in line with my writing site before it launches officially. Now I have to decide what to do about Instagram. Should I build on what I have and risk shunning away my loyal base or start a new account just for writing from scratch? It’s a hard decision to make. I like my page the way it is. I like what I post. I like the people that follow me. It’ll be like starting over if I have start a brand new page. I think I know what I’m going to do but first what do you think? What did you do in a similar situation? What did you do to build your followers on Twitter and Instagram. Which type of posts get the most responses from your readers? Comment below. My inquiring mind wants to know.

Distanced from Learning

How distance learning saved my daughter’s life but ruined her high school years. Granted that she wasn’t an straight student to begin with but what little focus and motivation she had is now gone. Back in March of 2020, as we all know everything changed. I had just returned from a trip to Nicaragua on April 1st. A week later everything literally shut down. My daughter was 15 an a freshman in High School at the time. After 2 quarters of High School she was already struggling. Fortunately she had a lot of support at school from counselors and administrators who wanted to see her succeed. In the second week of April just before Spring Break, we attended meetings at the school to discuss here current academic standing and what needed to be done for the remainder of the school year. The following week the news broke that 2 faculty members had contracted the virus and died of complications. Then it was announced that they would not return to the classroom after Spring Break. They were assigned Chromebooks, giving a new schedule of classes and sent on their way. There no tips or tricks to distance learning. They just expected them to pick where they left off. The parents of elementary school aged children had more to contend with considering many work full time.

I like to think that if this had happened during my high school years, I would have thrived. I wasn’t the best student, but I knew to get enough work done to make it through, and the idea of doing it on your own schedule seems like a dream come true. In the beginning we tried to set her up for success. She had a work space, two laptops, and our support. As time went on her focus seemed to diminish. Her grades were reflecting that loss of focus and interest. We kept trying to find ways to motivate here. Some days she was on point. More days she wasn’t. She assigned summer classes to complete the school year. When the new school year began in September she figured out how to attend classes on her phone. This meant that she didn’t even feel a need to get out of bed. She logs in to the first to classes and sleep through them. Midday she gets a shower, does her hair and make up, which she point more effort into than school then eats. Logs into the third and catches up with Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. When I’m home, I make her get up and focus on classes. If I’m not home, who knows. Everyday I ask her about assignments, she seems to at least try to catch up on what she can if I’m on her back about it.

I know this doesn’t seem to bode well for me as a parent. I try to help and get involved as much as I can but she’s just not that into school and learning. It worries me because she’ll be 18 in couple of years and have to plausible skills or a basic education. Aside from school, she not a bad kid. She is a home body, even before the pandemic. She doesn’t smoke or drink. Her interest s are like every other teenage girl, makeup, fashion and music. We allow her to have a boyfriend. He’s is also in high school. Since they became official during the pandemic, he is only allowed to visit the house 1 day a week. If he travels for football, he has stay away for 10 days. A nice kid with a good head on his shoulders. The only thing I don’t agree with is that he’s got her believing he is going be a big time college football and NFL player and he’s gonna take care of her. having aspiration and goals is fine but my daughter thinks that she’s taken care of. That it means she doesn’t have to graduate high school or even work. We keep trying to explain to her that it’s not that simple. That bills doesn’t pay themselves. That a regular job is not enough to live on. She thinks we’re trying to scare but nothing seems to fade her. Putting her out would probably be the omly thing that would shake her, but even then she would think it was temporary and probably be right.

About a month ago a limited amount of students and faculty where permitted to return in class learning. Of course when asked, our daughter said she prefer to stay at home for the remainder of the school year. We concurred more for health concerns. We all contracted the virus back in November and she new left the house. More than likely through us, since we both worked through the entire pandemic. As of this morning that has been one verified case of Covid-19 at her school. For us her health and well being will always be first priority. Nonetheless we will continue o find ways to support and motivate her in and out of school.

My question is, how are other parents dealing with distance learning. I wonder is they experience similar situations with their high schoolers, as in a lack of motivation? Are younger student’s also struggling? What are things that you as a parent have implemented to motivate them and ensure success? I hate to think that she’s the only student her age struggling with this. That it’s her and in turn us as parents that are failing. I would love to hear from you, so be sure to share your experiences and tips on distance learning by leaving a reply below.