twenty twenty two

Welcome to the year 2022. I know this is technically the second week. I call it the beginning because by now you’ve decided if you will continue with your new year’s resolutions or already dropped them. By now the shinyness and alcohol induced fog of the holidays has worn off. Most of us are going back to work this week. I took the first week off to rest and reflect on last year, the coming year and what my priorities need to be to accomplish my goals.

I hate that the general consensus is that this year is everyone’s comeback year. 2019 was lousy. 2020 was better. Last year was supposed to be the comeback year but not quite. This year, this year will he our year. I’m here to tell you that we have a long way to go. The new variants of Covid are making sure of that. To tell everyone that everything will be alright and back to normal this year is irresponsible. For some of us this will be another year of illness of loss. Another year of not being able to make ends meet and choose paying bills over food and medicine. Then there are the people that have felt no impact during the Covid era. They weren’t affected by unemployment. They didn’t have to stand in line to get tested or vaccinated. They didn’t have to worry about empty shelves or cupboards. This was just another year. They traveled. They socialized and could afford to stay at home.

So know that I’ve gotten that out of the way. I can discuss what I’m doing to make the best of 2022. First of all, like I do every year, I did an inventory of last year’s accomplishments and failures. Why things worked and didn’t work. Then I could focus on setting a new set of goals for this year. Those goals can be as broad of as detailed as you want them to be. Will you accomplish them all? Probably not. This way you have a written record of your priorities. This is a reference guide you can return to when planning your days, weeks and months. It’s about breaking your goals down to manageable tasks that you can do little by little to built up to the ultimate goal.

For me, my main areas of focus this year are my health, wealth building, my family and writing. I started last year strong but lost track at some point. I’m not sure it was a lack of motivation of accountability. Unfortunately your biggest obstacle will be you. You’ll start out strong, then you’ll skip a day here and there, then you’ll stop all together. This year I’m not only planning to only work on my goals but also planning breaks and evaluations. So I can see my progress and what areas I need to improve on. The buck stops with me.

Don’t over complicate. Take notebook and write down 5 things you want to work on. Then break those 5 things down into smaller tasks you can do daily of weekly basis. One of mine is to read and write. On my calender app I have 30 minutes a day set aside to read and 30 minutes to write. I doesn’t have to be a book. It can be the paper or a magazine article. I don’t have to write a chapter. It could be social media updates or a blog post. It’s about building muscle memory and creating a habit. The more you do it, you’ll get used to doing it. Another one if my goals is to exercise. I scheduled myself to walk 3 times a week, 30 minutes at a time. Nothing intense. When it becomes regular and easy, I’ll increase the time and intervals. After that add more intense activities. I don’t want to burn out. Which is what we all do. We try to go from zero to a hundred overnight. Then we quickly realize we can’t keep up and lose our motivation. Go at your own pace and increase activity in manageable increments. It you’re tired of injured it’s ok to take a break just don’t make it a habit.

I don’t want to overload you so I’ll stop here. So no out and create your list and tell me one of your goals in the comments and how you plan to accomplish it? If you have tips for setting and accomplishing goals also feel free to share them in the comments. Don’t forget to follow and share with your friends on social media.

I’d also like to take the time to send healing vibes to readers, or anyone they may know that are currently struggling with any illness or suffering from grief or economic uncertainty. I send my love and light to surround you and comfort you during the difficult time. For those if you that are in good health, please continue to protect yourself, your family and community by distancing, masking, and staying home it you do get sick. Together we will overcome.

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