Over the past few months I stepped back from writing like I wanted because of work and a lack of motivation and inspiration. Life was just one continuous rerun. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. There was nothing to look forward to. Then last week happened.

I was born on September 4th 1979. So that meant that this past Saturday I was to complete my 42nd revolution around the sun. In astrology there is a lot of anticipation for September. It’s supposed to spark a season of change and renewal.

Rewind to Sunday before my birthday. I’m sitting at my desk. I start feeling anxious and realize my heart is beating at an accelerated pace. I clock my BPM at 130. I don’t have any difficulty breathing or feel any other symptoms. So I get up to see if I walk around it would calm my pulse. As soon as I stand up, I feel deep pain in the middle of my chest. I suddenly become Fred Sanford, and start thinking this is the “big one” and think I’m coming to see Elizabeth (my younger readers will have to Google it to understand the point of reference)

Being the son of a registered nurse, I am well aware of the warning signs of a heart attack. I never had shortness of breath or felt dizzy or a pain in my arm. About 20 minutes later, my heartbeat was back to normal and I felt fine. In other news, that same week, I bought stocks and cryptocurrency for the first time. My 17 year old daughter attended her first job interview. The same day she sprained her ankle. All of these random life events were all a warning sign of segments of my life that I needed to improve on and a reminder of time I will need to turn my life around beginning on my 42 birthday.

I always hear people talk about manifesting or claiming what you want. They never talk about putting in the work behind it. I have a lot of living to do, why not start now? It’s never too late to start so this is what I decided I will make my life’s work or meaning. My purpose will be to live a long healthy life. I will do what I need to do to not only achieve financial independence but to leave assets for my wife and child and the tools to continue earning. I do not want to die broke. I’ve been broke my whole life. I want to die a millionaire. I want to build a new bond with my family based on achieving goals and building multi generational wealth. I’ve spent years ignoring them spending my energy working for a company that never gave me more than just enough. I don’t just want to be rich for the purpose of having nice things. I want to be rich and in turn help everyone I know get rich. I want invest my earnings in the ideas of hard working people who don’t usually get a break. I want help immigrants and people of color achieve financial independence.

Deep in my heart I feel that it’s never too late to start your success story. What matters is starting and finishing. You will fail. You will stumble. You will not give up until you are done. You will teach others to do the same and pick up where you left off. You will have lived a life with purpose even if you waited until 42 to start. Now go out and do everything you don’t realize you can. Your kid’s kids are depending on it.

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