The Gay Agenda

I keep looking for concrete evidence of the Gay’s trying to recruit our children or brainwash our children into being Gay. Ever since I can remember on every type of show I watched there was a Gay character. He may not have been proud and loud but it was insinuated that they were gay. It was mostly for comedic postering. It wasn’t until the 90’s and 2000’s where Gay characters and couples were out and leading casts. From Ellen to Will and Grace. Even in cartoons and kids shows. You started seeing same sex parents and other family members. Never did I think that any of that would make a child Gay.

I grew up in a traditional Catholic family. I was never taught to hate Gay people. Although my mother is a devout catholic she never treated her Gay friends, family members and clients any differently or disrespectfully. She cleaned houses for at as many a 3 Gay couples at any given time. They were great bosses. They treat my mom and her kids like family. I was young. I understood that they were Gay but I never felt like that influenced me want to live a similar lifestyle.

It was 1984. I was in kindergarten at Langley Park McCormick Elementary. There was a light skinned girl with pretty blue eyes and dirty blond hair named Theresa. It was love at first sight. I drew her a rainbow heart to tell her I liked her. I don’t know if she like me back. It didn’t matter. Every year after that, in school I had at least one crush. There was always one girl who caught my eye and had me weak. Not once was it a boy. Meaning that I always knew whom I was attracted to. Funny thing is every Gay person I’ve ever known has told me that they always knew who they were attracted to from the moment they could decide. It was never a story of seeing a Gay person on TV or being forced to feel that way by a Gay person.

The difference between them and me is that they couldn’t be open about it. It’s ok for a boy to like girls but a boy liking boys or a girl liking girls. That’s ridiculous. If anything society has instilled a straight or heterosexual agenda. It’s ok to be straight. What did that do. Made people unsure of there identity. Many had to hide or even enter into traditional relationships to appease there families and religious circles. Now that people are more accepting and society has laxed their demonization of homosexuality then we’ve created this ludicrous notion that Gay people are trying to turn the everyone gay through media and entertainment. Especially gearing it to towards children.

I don’t know about you, but I remember my first exposure to Gay porn was from watching Sesame street. Everybody knows that since the 70’s they put a cell of gay porn into every 50th frame of the show, Some people actually believe shit like this to be true. I also know that there are adult men today that are secretly afraid to suddenly involuntarily become Gay. A friend once told me that when he was serving time anybody in there that was having sex with men, did it because they wanted to. They came in Gay. They weren’t forced to be Gay, and anyone raped in prison was as a form of violence and humiliation.

In my opinion people that are afraid of the imaginary Gay Agenda just want to have something or someone to blame if their kid comes out. They don’t want to be to blame. First of all. The negative stigma of homosexuality should go away. A Gay kid is not a bad thing. It’s not the end of the world. There is no one to blame because nothing wrong has happened. It wasn’t Gays on TV or that Gay cousin or playing with dolls. If your kid is gay, it’s who they are. You have to respect and support their decision. They need your love and support as a parent no matter how you feel about it. Do you think that Gay couples with children would alienate their child if they came out at straight? It’s 2021. We have worst things to worry about. Being Gay is not a sin. No matter how much you’ve convinced yourself of that. Premarital sex is a sin. Cheating on your wife is a sin. Masterbation is a sin. Watching porn is a sin. Eating pork is a (tasty) sin. Getting tattoos is a sin. Gossiping is a sin. Imagine going to hell for eating a BLT. That’s almost as crazy as going to hell for loving whoever makes you happy.

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