Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Have you ever stopped to think that you are the cause of all your problems? That every thing currently ruining your life is a direct response to your actions? The collection agency didn’t simply pull your name out of a hat. That job you hate so much. News flash! You’ve hated from the day you stepped foot in the building. No matter how long you stay, you will never like it. If your spouse is a lying, cheating dirtbag and you’re still with them? Guess who’s fault that is?

You are unhappy because you choose to be. People commit to one person for the rest of their lives and expect for things to remain the same. The person you fell in love with is not the person you are currently with. You are not the same person you were then either. You fell in love with an ideal a moment in time. The problem is that you both stopped trying. You both settled and with time stopped caring . Sure bills are paid and there is peace, but neither of you are happy. That means you have a difficult decision to make. Do you go or stay? Do you settle for what you have and live in quite resentment or look for something new and exciting.

It’s difficult because our humanity considers their feelings and other meaningless things like, what will your families think? The kids? Your first mistake is not seeing this selfishly? How will this affect me? Will this benefit me or make my life worse. That’s our problem. We never think of our own happiness. True, which ever way you go will come with it ‘s own set of repercussions, but if you’re staying true to yourself, you have to be ready to deal with the consequences.

The same goes for every personal and professional relationship you may have. People will stay at a dead end job they hate forever just to barely make it for a life they also hate. We don’t work to live, we work to survive. You make barely enough to pay all the bills you’ve accumulated to prove you have a better life. It’s not always the work that is draining. Sometimes it’s the people. Manager’s are supposed to be assholes but it’s the regular employees that make daily life miserable. They’re either too much or not enough. There are the ones that complain about everything and do the bare minimum but want to be respected and not overlooked. First of all, it’s a job. Everything you do, you’re getting paid to do. Secondly if you never step up you’re never going to stand out. Then you have the ones that think because they have a little time and experience that they own the place. Always trying to tell others what to do. Always dry snitching. The worst are the ones that get a little clout. They get a title and 50 cents and think they’re Co-CEO. Suddenly everything you do is wrong. Suddenly you have to be told to do everything you were already gonna do, because you do it everyday. So now they think they can sit in the office half the shift

Everyday you want to just walk out and never come back. Why don’t you? Who says that you won’t go out and get the best job ever? I get it. Stay for loyalty or because bills. The reason we stay is because we’re subliminally conditioned to believe that we can’t do better. That everything we’ve worked for and earned will be wasted once you walk out of those doors. It’s all buillshit. There’s nothing keeping you at that job that you can’t do elsewhere and even for yourself. It’s 2021. We have millionaires that got their start singing and dancing on Tik Tok. There are so many people making a good living on their passion. Doing something they actually love to do. What’s stopping you? You have to ask yourself, whose happiness is more important? Yours or a company that will replace you the day after you leave for someone younger and cheaper.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s time to reevaluate your worth. When it comes to every aspect of your life. You need to start doing things that benefit you. Things that make you happy. Forget making everyone else happy. The best part is that the people that love you and have your back will love you more when they see your living your best life. The haters will see themselves out the door. It will not be easy because change is hard, but in the end you will appreciate the new life you carve out for yourself that actually makes sense and works for you. Do for you. Live for you. The rest will fall into place on it’s own.

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