Who’s World Is This?

Nothing happens unless you let it. You have to learn to control your surroundings. Everyone can be controlled, even your enemies. First you have to make yourself indispensable. You have to convince people that nothing can be right unless you’re involved. You don’t have to actually be good, you just have to make them think you’re that good.

How do you do that? First of all, always be on time. Better yet always be early. Be the first one ready to work and the last one to leave. Always volunteer. Especially when no one else wants to do it. Get it done quickly and efficiently. Even if it was hard, don’t let them see you sweat. Do not complain in front of others. They are your competition and will use your complaints against you. Most importantly, next time, do not wait to be asked. If you know it needs to be taken care of, take care of it.

The idea is to create an image of dependability and trust. Trust is more important than any skill or achievement. If someone truly trusts you, it gives you the ability to ask for anything, within reason. You build trust, you build life long allies. People will always have your back. Of course if you break that trust, you build lifelong enemies. Reputation is everything. If people trust you and know you for your work ethic, they will speak your name with confidence. They will put your name in conversations that no amount of ass kissing can.

Next you have to pay attention to the details. Everyone has a tell. Everyone has a weakness. Everyone has a sweet tooth. They all have something that you can use to bend them to your will. You have to find out what that is and keep in your file so you can use it when necesary. It’s not something to be exploited, because it will show if you over use it. It’s a pass you use only when needed. Use it, then

Once you’ve built a reputation, than you build an army. The best way to build loyalty is to take care of people. Not just anybody but people that have proven they too can be indispensable. Find out what they need. provide that for them. Make sure that they owe you. If they feel indebted to you, they will always do what what’s in your best interest. When they do that for you, you reward them. Never take them for granted or treat them like they are inferiors.

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