Misogyny: A True Story

When did misogyny become part of being a man? When you’re on social media as much as I am to start to create a profile of the kind of friends you have in your mind. Some are exactly how you know them from real life. Others are borderline sociopaths. Truth is you can only learn so much from someone based on the types of memes they post. Then you have that one person that only posts negative memes about women.

We are all entitled to our own opinion about people. Especially if they are public figures. They have to know that there will be a certain level of animosity from the public because of who they are. Then you have the people that convey the notion that everything every woman ever does is a direct assault on their masculinity and don’t get them started on the gays.

They guys think that rape accusations are always made up. They think if a woman shows skin she shouldn’t be mad if a man hits on her or calls her out of her name. They think women should feel grateful for being ogled by men. That if they’re not grateful for the attention, then they hate men. The worst thing about men like these is that one, they’re momma’s boys and they usually have daughters.

We are raised believing that the men in our lives should be venerated like God’s, whether they deserve it or not. It could be our father, grandfathers, uncles or the weatherman or our favorite entertainer. When OJ Simpson was accused of killing his ex wife and her friend, his fans could not accept that he could’ve committed the crime. Not because it was proven that he didn’t, but because he was their male hero. Everything they say is the truth and they would never steer us wrong or do anything bad to anyone. The man in the household is always the authoritarian. “Wait until your father get’s home” or “If your dad sees this mess you’re going to be in big trouble”.

Men’s role in society to keep everything steady and moving along. The woman is the secondary parent. 9 times out of 10, the kids will try to get over on the mother. They will lie to the mother and even directly undermine their authority. We’re raised believing that women are weak and problematic. We’re also raised to believe that anything bad that happens to a woman, no matter how heinous, is entirely her fault and deserved.

If a woman is not modest, subservient to her male counterpart and complimentary than she’s a bad wife. If a woman is independent, and confident in her sexuality than she’s got to be a whore. Take Megan The Stallion for instance. She sells a certain brand of sexual awareness with her music. Everyone that has seen her music videos knows that there will be skin, twerking and a lot sexual references in her lyrics. Does that make her a whore? If a man has the same visuals and subject matter in his music, then he a hero. A true example of masculinity.

I see some guys on social media trash everything she does. She’s a whore, she can’t rap. etc. etc. I think they do it for show. I think that they are actually turned on by her, but it’s easier to trash her and appear to be concerned with this faux outrage than say she puts the wind in their sails. Every generation has had a female artist that pushed the envelope of sexuality and artistic expression. We had Madonna, before her was Eartha Kitt and Marilyn and Josephine Baker to name a few.

What they did was outrageous for their time. Of course tame by today’s standards. In the man’s world of rap, where men wear designer clothes, rap about drugs women and guns, why do people think a woman using her assets to sell records is taking it too far? It’s a double standard. Their outrage is not based on the protection of femininity. It’s hate towards rampant femininity. How dare they do that? Why is a man not putting an end to this immorality. Same guy is at the strip club making it rain on strippers.

I think the hate and animosity is entrenched on the simple fact they know they will never get anywhere close to that woman. That she’s being sexy for herself and could care less if a man likes it or not. If Megan announced she was giving it away to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, those same guys would be the first ones in line. Since they can’t, then it’s easier to throw mud on her name and everything she does.

They somehow think that these women are going to negatively influence our little girls. Not caring whether their male counterparts are negatively influencing our little boys to be sexuality promiscuous, sell and use drugs and glorify guns and violence. It’s all entertainment. As a parent you have the right to censor what they actually have access to. Since that’s practically impossible in the age of smart phones. It is also your responsibility as a parent to educate you children so they understand that it’s entertainment and that some things are not appropriate for children to say and do.

We need to start reprogramming ourselves and our children as to how women are conceived. A woman doesn’t have to “pure” or an angel to be a role model. A woman that is comfortable in her body and likes to display it does not make her loose or a bad example.

Most importantly, one example of a women does not dictate every woman’s mindset or agenda. If you were mistreated by a woman in your life. That was a one time thing. That person did that to you. Not all women are the same. Not all women are your mother. They are not here to serve you or accept your bad behavior and treatment. Women can be strong and independent and loyal and trustworthy at the same time.

As men let’s to better. We owe it to our mother’s. We also have strong and powerful women to raise. They will be leaders tomorrow. They can’t be fearless leaders if we raise them to think that they are inferior to men. They have to know that they control their bodies and their destinies and that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

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