You Can Do Anything

There is no difference between failure and progress. You can fail at small goals but can continue working towards the bigger goal. Failure is not finite. It’s something we create in our minds to not continue going. We choose failure, it doesn’t choose us.

We have to get out of the mindset that it’s better to try and fail that to keep going until you finish. We live in a culture of quitters. Where you are rewarded to for trying but not for finishing. You do a diet for a week and quit. You’ll be applauded for starting but not held accountable for quitting. What makes starting a diet an achievement is keeping on until you accomplish your weight goals. Not doing it for a week, seeing it’s hard and quitting and saying, at least I tried. You did not try you chose failure over commitment. This how we do everything in live.

We start but never finish. There are things that we have to finish. What if we got in shower, lathered up than decided it’s to much work to rinse off and dry off. Every step of everything we do is important, especially the end. We focus too much on the beginning. It’s easy to start. We never think about or plan on what it will take to finish. Everything has to have an end. You either see it through until it’s done or you do it until you realize there is no further to go. It’s like fixing a car. You take it apart. To finish you have to replace the part and put it back together. Then there are times that once you take it apart one problem leads to another and another than you realize that it’s cheaper to scrap it and get another car than it is to try to fix every problem. The issue is that many of us quit before we turn the first screw. We already convinced ourselves that we can’t do it.

What if we did everything with the conviction that we are going to finish it no matter what? The conviction that we are going succeed no matter what. Believing that nothing is impossible and that you can do anything. This belief would change everything you do. It would make your life undeniably better. The thing is that’s all it would take for your life to be better. For you to believe that it will be be. For you to decide that you will never take no for answer again. For you to decide to do the things that need to be done for you to achieve that better life. You aren’t a failure because you can’t do everything. You are a failure because you don’t believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can learn anything. You can talk your way into any situation.

Most successful people aren’t great at everything. They are great at one thing. They take advantage of that one skill and once their foot is in the door they learn the rest or put people on their teams that know what they don’t. They also never let anyone tell them they couldn’t especially themselves. You can and you will, as soon as you realize that you don’t need permission from anyone to be great. You just need determination and the strength to make it through anything that comes your way.

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