Staying on Schedule

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This statement was something that has eluded me for years. I always had an idea how things were supposed to go and I just did them. No matter how it came out. Luckily I always had people around me to help me. So most of the time even an epic fail was salvageable. People tend to use this mantra for big events. A party, a wedding, a presentation at work. Why not in our everyday lives?

Everyday when you get up, do you know exactly what your going to do that day? We all know that we have to follow the same routine and go to work or what ever it is you do everyday. Do you always have time to get everything done? What if you forget something important? I bet that happens more than you like to admit. What if I told you that there was a simple way to get more done and not forget important things. Write it down.

Yes. If you want remember to do important and not so important things, write it down. If you want that better job. That fancy car and house. That better life. To live a healthier lifestyle. To learn a new skill. Write it down. Then figure out what small tasks you need to accomplish first to reach the bigger goal. I used to think that was crazy talk. Then I started doing it. I wrote down all the simple monotonous things that I had to do everyday plus other things I wanted to make time for. Things like drinking water and exercise and writing. That’s when I realized I was wasting a lot of time. I found 5 hours in my day I didn’t know I had. 5 hours spent sleeping or watching TV. Since then I’ve started this page and working consistently and effectively towards my goal.

I started out simple. With a notebook and a pencil. As time went on I moved to my phone. I created to do lists for my day. Everything and I mean everything has a time slot. The more you do it, the more you become accustomed to it and rely on those cues. You can only remember a few things at a time. Even drinking water. I set reminders to remember to drink water. Before, I would go days and weeks without drinking water regularly. Now I drink 3 to 5 bottles a day. Anything you want to make a new habit should be on that list. Studies show that 30 days of any small habit can help it become permanent. Repetition is key. Do the same task, no matter how small, everyday at the same time and will eventually become a habit.

I’ve created new habits since starting. Now I’m embarking on bigger goals I want to conquer. I’ve also enhanced my scheduling and planning. I started using a tool that I’ve always had. That tool is the calendar in my phone. Specifically my Google calendar. Inmy research, I’ve learned that many content creators swear by it. There are several YouTube videos on how to use it. These are young professionals who basically work from home. They have learned to block their time in order to work more efferently. It also allows them to get more done in the day and differentiate work time from leisure time. I was skeptical at first. Now it’s my main form of planning and scheduling. right now I planning my vacation. I’m planning small trips and other fun stuff. I’m spending time with friends . I’m doing some learning too. I still have 8 days to plan.

Setting up your google calendar is repetitive at first but once you do a week, the following week will be a breeze. With my google account I can access my calendar on my desktop, laptop and phone. So I always have my schedule at hand. I get constant reminders to stay in order to stay on track. Which I thought would be annoying, but has become a part of my day. Being on track and on time, makes the day go by faster. I suggest you tinker with your calendar app and see how you can use it for your benefit.

Planning and scheduling is the best kept secret I never imagined would positively influence my productivity. I can do anything. I can make time for anything. My life does not revolve around my day job. That’s something I have to do. My life is dictated by the things I want to do. This keeps me focused on the truly important things and takes the power away from feeling trapped by my day job. I look forward to being off so I can work on my goals and get closer to my dream.

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