The Great Mask and Vax Debate

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. The federal message is vague at best. When Biden said that masks didn’t have to be worn inside if fully vaccinated, he was referring to federal buildings. Most businesses are continuing to requires masks inside , vaccinated or not. Which I feel is the best stance. Plus, how can we truly verify if someone is fully vaccinated. There have already been cases of fully vaccinated people being infected.

I live in a area of the country refereed to as the DMV, which stands for District of Columbia (DC) Maryland and Virginia. Formerly known as the Metropolitan DC area. This designation does not encompass all of Maryland. It is reserved for towns and counties that just outside of Washington DC such as Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Baltimore which is located an hour north of Washington DC does not count as part of the DMV. The same goes for Virginia. Only the area known as Northern Virginia which contains cities that border Washington DC like Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria among others are truly part of the DMV. Richmond which is 2 hours south of Washington DC is not part of the DMV. The reason I’m bringing this up is because the DMV will reopen this week. The issue is every county or jurisdiction within the DMV differs in their level of reopening and mask restrictions.

As of 5pm today in Prince George’s County Maryland local governments announce that restaurants will be permitted to reopen to 100% capacity, but the mask mandate continues. In DC businesses will be permitted to decide if they want require masks. In Northern Virginia, restaurants are fully reopening with no masks required. This makes it confusing because most of these localities are within a 30 mile radius. Early on, all of the 3 major judications coincided on mask mandates and capacity restrictions so it was easy to expect everyone to follow the rules. Now, a 20 minute drive can drastically differ your experience.

There is a large number of people who will continue to wear their mask. Regardless of vaccination status. I’m a firm believer that masks played a huge part in curbing the spread of the virus especially at the height of infection. I worked in a grocery store for the entire pandemic. There were infections within the store. Through out several departments. In my team of 7, 4 were infected. None of them infected at the same time. They were all infected through their home. If we didn’t wear masks and face shields, I think there would have been more infections or even a outbreak like many other facilities suffered from throughout the county.

The jury is still out on vaccinations. I know people who got it others who are waiting to see if there are major complications. Some who refuse to get vaccinated. I don’t know what to believe. I got it because of my job. Not because they mandated it us, but because they made it very easy to sign up through the local health department. Plus I wanted to be able to travel internationally without too many obstacles. The crazy part is people are forging their vaccination cards. What the hell for? If you don’t want to take it that’s fine, but you want people to believe you got it. I don’t think it will matter in the long run. There have already been cases of infections after full vaccination. If we start being careless it will not matter. I don’t believe in herd immunity. I guess I really don’t understand it. I do feel that the worst is over. Now we have to adjust to the new normal and respect everyone’s right to mask or not to mask or vax or not to vax.

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