Guerrero Writes Again

If you are reading this post, you’ve either followed me from my previous blog GHETTOBLASTER or are new my world. Either way welcome and thank you for joining. For those of you that are new I’ll give you brief recap on how we got here. New Year’s Eve 2010 I decided to start my first blog GHETTOBLASTER. I was inspired by a friend who had recently started her own blog. I had a never written anything other than school papers before. What would I write about? Would I be any good? Kimberly, the friend who inspired me to write said, just write. It’ll get better with time. That’s what I did. I just wrote. I wrote about everything. I wrote about my friends, my family, my work, I even wrote fictional hsort stories. What ever came to mind. I wrote about the good, the bad and ugly about every aspect of my life. Nothing was off limits, which made me a bit controversial especially with family. I created a small but loyal following in the first 2 years. Then I stopped writing. I would write on occasion if I found some inspiration.

One of my most read posts was about my father’s immigrant journey from Nicaragua to Washington DC. It was a amalgamation of the stories I heard from him growing up. From growing up in rural Nicaragua in the 40’s to being the head of personal security for a high ranking government official in the 70’s just before the communist uprising that forced my family to leave and come to the United States. As a result of the success of that post I always intended to write a book. I did video interview s with my father at the time and took stacks of notes. Then the project fell by the wayside. In the last couple of year’s my father’s health has deteriorated. Seeing him weakened and frail reminded me of the stories he used too tell me, which led me back to writing which led me here to you. I’ve once again decided that my father’s story needs to be told.

I began writing again recently. I found it was like riding a bicycle. I realized not only how much I missed it, but how important it is my mental health and self care. Like everyone else eveything that happens in the world in my life affects what I do. It affects how I interact with my friends and family. When I write I’m writing to myself. I tsounds like I’m talking to the audience, but I trying to pep talk myself to not only do better but better understand my daily struggles. I think that my readers go through a lot of the same struggles and can relate and hopefully use my insights to better understand what their dealing with.

Sometimes you’ll get a funny story. Things that happen to me. Things that happen that all you can do is laugh. Life is so multifaceted to only write about one things. I’m no expert but I feel like if I write about everything, I can better understand what I’m doing and feel I have have zero control, which is something I think we all battle with. I will try to post at least once a week. Be sure to subscribe and feel free to contact me with questions, feed back or even post suggestions. Thanks for visiting Guerrero Writes. Let do this again sometime.

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