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Welcome to Guerrero Writes. I’m AC Guerrero. I’ve been writing on and off for over 10 years. In my previous incarnation I was known as Ghettoblaster. I’ve written about everything including my family, my work life, music movies and everything in between. As a Latin American immigrant who has lived in and around the Nation’s Capital since the age of 2. I’ve seen the world change in so many ways. Even today being a father of a mixed race child, I see how everything affects their well being. I write to better understand how I feel about my life and the world in general. In turn I hope my writing helps others relate to their day to day experiences. I’m also working on a memoir based on my father’s life and immigrant experience. You’ll get more insight into that process as I go along on my weekly writing journey.

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twenty twenty two

Welcome to the year 2022. I know this is technically the second week. I call it the beginning because by now you’ve decided if you will continue with your new year’s resolutions or already dropped them. By now the shinyness and alcohol induced fog of the holidays has worn off. Most of us are goingContinue reading “twenty twenty two”

Support System

So you want to start over and change your life around. You want to lose weight. You want save money. Maybe you want learn a new skill and start a new career. It could be that you want quit your job altogether and start a business. Guess what, you can do it. The problem isContinue reading “Support System”


Over the past few months I stepped back from writing like I wanted because of work and a lack of motivation and inspiration. Life was just one continuous rerun. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. There was nothing to look forward to. Then last week happened. I was born on September 4th 1979. So that meant thatContinue reading “42”

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